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Framing Your Child's Future: Your Style of Parenting

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Lynn Hand
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July 23, Friday 7:38 am EDT
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Here is What You'll Learn

Your style of parenting

An in-depth look at each parenting style and how parents behave in each style.

How your child's behaviours are affected by your parenting style

Examine how children's behaviour may be impacted by your parenting style and how they may react when you apply your parenting style.

Effective parenting at all ages and stages of development

Identify the ages and stages of children and how democratic parenting style can be applied at each and every stage.

Who you want your child to be at 25 and how to get them there

An exercise to identify the traits you'd like to see in your child at the age of 25 and how to adjust your parenting to ensure your child can obtain these characteristics.

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July 23rd
4:38 pm EDT
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Jul 23, 2021 @ 7:38 am
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